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Call for Dancers

posted June 30th, 2022
Mocean is pleased to introduce street dance artist Carolin Mateus as an Emerging Artist in Residence this summer, alongside their residency partner/supporter Gabrielle Greener. As part of their residency Carolin will offer a free summer intensive training program. The program is intended to train a select group of dancers for a new ongoing Hip Hop crew here in Halifax.

Carolin will be holding auditions for the program/crew on Saturday July 9th, from 10:30-12:30 at Halifax Dance.

This training program will not have any cost. Instead, we ask for your passion, dedication, and eagerness to learn and share the wonderful art of dance with other bodies. The training program is high-commitment and will run for 7 weekends at 4 hours per week. The selected artists must commit to attending throughout the summer at Halifax Dance as follows:

Saturdays from 10:30am-12:30pm (July 16th - August 27th)
Sundays from 11:00am - 1:00pm (July 17th - August 28th)
Showing August 28th at 7:00 PM
Seeking intermediate/advanced dancers. Though street dance styles will be the main focus of the training, movement artists/dancers of all styles are encouraged to audition.
Selected artists will be contacted as soon as possible after the audition process, with the first studio session occurring July 16th.
About the training program:

This training program will provide specialized training for dancers focused on the styles of street dance. It is open to dancers of all backgrounds and aims to explore the value of each body with its particular skills in various dance styles through the principles and values of Hip Hop culture.  We will incorporate a focus on Freestyle dance, guiding dancers to find and develop their own essence and the freedom to express themselves. The training method will emphasize self-love, equality, personal development, liberation, respect, culture, diversity, solidarity, and community.

This two-month initial training program will culminate in the creation and sharing of a work based on the corporal investigation of street dance and its relationship to each dancer’s body, expressing emotions, sensations, knowledge of techniques, fundamentals, dance history, movement, and styles.

The program will focus on intense training and personal development wherein an individual purpose will be sought in the life of each dance, with the aim to provide opportunities to grow in the professional field, as a dancer and as a teacher. The program will include artistic investigations into: creation of choreography, improvisation, how to participate in a cypher, stage and show performance, how to warm up and stretch effectively, memory exercises, and the history and fundamentals of different styles of street dance. Dancers will have the opportunity to practice other (non-street) styles of dance during training, and will learn how to use this knowledge to enhance their facility in all styles.

Dancers will be invited to share their knowledge and to build connections between the different dance styles that are represented among dancers participating in the training in order to enhance the training of each dancer from a pedagogical perspective.

About Carolin:
Carolin Mateus is a Colombian dancer, choreographer and Street Dance teacher. Carolin graduated with a bachelor's degree in Basic Education, with emphasis on artistic Education. She is also the creator of a research paper titled HIPHOP EQUALITY which serves as pedagogical support, by outlining the values that the Hip Hop culture contributes to society through the history of different styles of street dance. This pedagogical document which evidences and recognizes the value of this culture through experiences of positive transformation in the lives of dancers in their artistic and personal processes.
For more information please contact Carolin at mateuscarolin@gmail.com, or Gabrielle at g.gabrielle88@gmail.com