Nocturne 2020

Dance Echoes

Premiered at Nocturne on Friday, October 16th

Dance Echoes features 40 dance artists from across Mi’kma’ki.

This collaborative film explores the shared echoes of our experience in the world and highlights the interconnectedness of people and places through our shared medium of the human body.

The piece was created in sequence with each dancer echoing a resonant movement from the previous artist, continuing to create based on this point of inspiration. Drawing on Nocturne’s theme of “echolocation”, Dance Echoes considers how we find ourselves in our own bodies and in the communities we inhabit, and how individual and collective experiences echo each other.

Contributing Dance Artists:

Susanne Chui
Josh Moore
Liliona Quarmyne
Lydia Zimmer
Deanna Johnston
Kate Houston
Sally Morgan
l'thandi Munro
Sarah Rozee 
Brandon Skeete 
Amber D'Entremont 
Abady Alzahrani 
Lisa Phinney 
Shalan Joudry
Makayla Criss
Gillian Seaward-Boone 
Jessica Lowe
Sara Coffin
Véronique MacKenzie
Amey Rahey 
Leelee Oluwastoyosi Eko Davis 
Hayley Bone 
Raymond Laing 
Rebecca Lazier 
Jayla James 
Randy Glynn 
Leah Cousins 
Sarah Prosper 
Kathleen Doherty
Julie Robert
Misha Horacek
Maria Osende
Jacinte Armstrong 
Mandy LaRusic 
Karen Bradley 
Rachel Kelly 
Pam Grundy 
Meredith Kalaman 
Anastasia Wiebe 
Michèle King

Dance Echoes from Mocean Dance on Vimeo.