Anastasia Wiebe wild within

Anastasia Wiebe


Anastasia Wiebe is a Halifax-based dance artist. She began her dance career in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, training at the Leica Hardy School of Dance and Dartmouth Dance Academy. She continued her dance training at the Peridance Capezio Centre in New York, graduating from their Certificate Dance Program in 2015. Performance credits include Moving Still, Standing Forward with Naishi Wang, Petite Danses with Marie-Josée Chartier, Striketone with Vanessa Goodman, Inhabit with Kyana Lyne, Wild Within with Sara Coffin, and Sonderlings with Lydia Zimmer. Wiebe is currently co-artistic director and dancer with Nostos Collectives and dancer with Mocean Dance. She has created many works across Nova Scotia, most notably Parallel Paths, an evening-length work with Nostos Collectives, and The Third Mountain, a dance theatre piece studying the individual's experience with climate change. In 2020 Anastasia graduated with a BA in Psychology from Saint Mary’s University.

Wild Within (2019), Photo Credit: Kevin MacCormack