A dancer in black pants and a striped shirt step plants one foot and one hand from a kneeling position

Lauren Runions


Lauren Runions is a dance artist, choreographer, and facilitator based in Tkaronto (Toronto, ON) + Kjipuktuk (Halifax, NS). As artistic director of dance project I/O Movement they have offered place-based performances, community workshops and public residencies. 

Their work investigates the role of choreography as a reciprocal spatial practice between self + other. Through deliberate movement experiments and staged interventions they begin to expand this notion; turning to shores, rivers, parks, waste, fences, construction, and desire paths as information. Their processes can result in scores, improvisation, sounding, dancing, observing, walking and routine dailiness as they question how our own embodied awareness shapes our relationship, and responsibility, to living with city and natural ecologies. 

Photo Credit: Chelsea Hirons