Photo of a laughing woman with long brown hair, wearing a black tank top.

Sarah Hopkin

Community Outreach

Sarah Hopkin is a freelance dance artist from Nova Scotia. Since moving home to the Maritimes in 2021, Sarah has danced for Phin Performing Arts, Votive Dance, Mocean Dance, and Nostos Collectives, as well as traveling back to Ottawa to continue dancing for the Ottawa Dance Directive. During her time living in Ottawa, Sarah danced for the Ottawa Dance Directive, TAKE UP SPACE, and for choreographers Peggy Baker, Allison Burns, Cathy Kyle Fenton, Nicola Fridgen, Jordan Samonas, and Jocelyn Todd. Before moving to Ottawa, Sarah completed her BFA in performance dance at Toronto Metropolitan University, danced as a Junior Company Member with Toronto Dance Theatre, and worked as a demonstrator for Peggy Baker at Canada’s National Ballet School. This demonstrating work inspired her to begin her own teaching practice. Sarah taught contemporary dance at The School of Dance in Ottawa for five years, and now teaches at Halifax Dance and the Maritime Conservatory for Performing Arts, as well as leading classes for the professional dance community through Mocean Dance. 

Sarah has choreographed and performed in the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival and in Ottawa’s Dark Horse Dance Projects. In 2016 she was commissioned by composer Julia Mermelstein to choreograph a solo with the support of the Toronto Arts Council. In 2020 Sarah received a research and creation grant from the City of Ottawa to create a piece virtually with composer Pierre-Luc Clément during the pandemic. Sarah has received scholarships from the Nova Scotia Talent Trust over the years and is grateful for their support.