Mocean Dance Mixed Repertoire

Two images combined of a duet and a trio of dancers under blue lights.

Photos by Kevin MacCormack

Mocean Dance would be thrilled to present an evening of contemporary dance with your community! We can't wait to share our work with you.

The current touring 50-minute mixed repertoire show includes Mercurials by Lydia Zimmer, and Utawtiwow Kijinaq - Our Mother's Road by Sarah Prosper and Sara Coffin. The final evening program can be paired with a curtain warmer community piece created in tandem with Co-Artistic Director, Sara Coffin and Mocean dance artists and your community, or a third selection from our broad range of repertoire options. 

The mixed repertory show includes a study guide for an in-theatre school performance, specialized workshop offerings, and rich in-depth pre- or post-show chat presentations. 

What is a curtain warmer community piece?  A community creation is a piece created by Mocean dance artists on members of your community, to be performed as the opening act in the Mocean Dance presentation.  Community members can be youth (ages 14 and up) or adults with some dance experience (beginner to advance), theatre or dance students with a mixed background in movement and performance, or community groups such as seniors, 4H club, etc. Two Mocean dance artists travel to the community four to six days in advance to create a piece and prepare the group for the stage; the rest of the company arrives one to two days before the show for the technical set-up and dress rehearsals. The evening of the show both groups share the stage! Act One is the community performance followed by a short pause to allow the community performers to take a seat in the audience and enjoy the rest of the company performance. Mocean Dance closes the evening presentation with our exciting repertoire, full of rich imagery and athletic physicality, guaranteed to blow you away! Let's create a one-time only unique evening of dance together!

Watch the video below to hear from students who took part in a curtain warmer community creation in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador: