Rewriting Distance

Presented by Mocean Dance (2021)

Collaborating Partners: Guy Cools and Lin Snelling
6 performers | approx. 60 minutes

Throughout its many iterations across time and place, Rewriting Distance investigates personal and collective memory, and what it means to meet or revisit a place and its people. Through cycles of improvised dancing, speaking, reading, writing, and watching, the work creates and recreates a live history of the particular locations and communities in which the performance takes place. Since originating the work in 2010, Cools and Snelling have continued to deepen this improvisational performance practice in their travels across Canada and Europe.

Guy Cools and Lin Snelling


Jacinte Armstrong, Doug Cameron, Sara Coffin, Guy, Cools, Susanne Chui, Lin Snelling

Lighting Concepts
Benoit Whitehead Gravel