petites danses

Presented by Mocean Dance (2021)

Collaborating Partners: Marie-Josée Chartier / Chartier Danse
11 performers | 41 minutes

A riveting collection of short stories in motion that dig deep into the heart of human relationships, petites danses has been presented in several Canadian cities and reimagined at each location. Mocean’s depiction was performed by a novel ensemble of seven dancers and four actors drawn from Halifax’s dance and theatre communities. The cast brought their distinctive interpretation to four pieces from the petites danses collection, and one new piece was created specifically for five of Mocean’s most experienced dancers.


Concept, Choreography, Direction
Marie-Josée Chartier

Lighting Concepts, Designs
Marie-Josée Chartier, Simon Rossiter

Additional Lighting Design
Benoît Whitehead Gravel

Roland Chun Shing Au, Gillian Seaward-Boone, Susanne Chui, Nathaniel Dooks, Mairéad Filgate, Henricus Gielis, Sébastien Labelle, Matthew Lumley, Julie Robert, Anastasia Wiebe, Lydia Zimmer

Set and Props Design
Marie-Josée Chartier, Peter Earle

Rodney Sharman, Linda C. Smith, James Tenney

Costume Designs and Coordination
Marie-Josée Chartier, Martha Cockshutt

Additional Costumes and Alterations
Kate Mitchell