Where Dance & Music Meet


Collaborating Partners: 1313 Music Association
19 performers | 80 minutes

A coproduction with 1313 Music Association, Where Dance and Music Meet is the creative blossoming of a group of dedicated improvisers exploring the exhilarating space where two artistic forms intersect. Directed by Susanne Chui, this full-length evening is made up of short pieces created in collaboration with six of her fellow Creative Music Workshop faculty members. Exploring themes such as pulse, space, melody, vibration, and song, each form includes both composed and improvised elements, leaving space for spontaneous offerings that unfold in the moment.

Grounded in the work of teacher and mentor Jerry Granelli, the root of the work is in the life-art practice of listening and composing together. An expansive cast of 19 dancers and musicians carry on the practice of spontaneous composition, united by a shared goal: to dissolve the boundaries between movement and sound.


Director, Choreographer, Performer:
Susanne Chui

Composers, Performers:
Ross Burns
Doug Cameron
Nick Dourado
J. Anthony Granelli
Andrew MacKelvie
Nick Maclean

Outside Eye:
Erin Donovan

Technical Director, Lighting Designer:
Benoit Gravel

Dance Artists:
Solène Bernier
Sara Coffin
Kathleen Doherty
Meredith Kalaman
I'thandi Munro
Sam Penner
Sarah Prosper
Liliona Quarmyne

India Gailey
Ellen Gibling
Andrew Jackson
Kelvin Mansaray