Choreography: Jacinte Armstrong
4 performers | 60 minutes

Multifaceted artist Jacinte Armstrong, alongside an interdisciplinary cast, puts into play a communal and joyful building of a work. Beginning from the idea that dance is in all of us, PLAY explores how objects around us choreograph the movement in our everyday lives. Using movement, drawings, music, and colorful large-scale objects, the performers invite the audience to take part in the creative flow. Audiences can choose to join in and experience moving and performing with the artists, or just sit back and enjoy the time and space, letting this whimsical piece draw them into the moment.

Choreographic Direction:
Jacinte Armstrong

Created with the performers:
Gillian Seaward-Boone, Lauren Runions, Camille-Zoé Valcourt-Synnott, Jacinte Armstrong

Lois Brown

Rehearsal Support
Susanne Chui, Sara Coffin

Sound Design
Norman Adams

All music composed by Norman Adams except: Diode by Strata (Norman Adams and Brandon Auger); Chickadees by Mike Vargas; My Misshapen Ear VI by Joe Sorbara; Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2 in E-Flat Major by Frederic Chopin

Technical Director/Lighting Designer
Benoit Whitehead-Gravel

Object Design and Costumes
Jacinte Armstrong with the Cast

Alyson Samways

Researching Artists
Norm Adams, Mallory Amirault, Solène Bernier, Laura Bucchi, Lou Cambell, Marcia Connelly, Louis-Charless Dionne, Leigh Gillam, Alicia Grant, D’Arcy Gray, Sara Hartlan-Rowe, Danielle Jubiak, Sebastian Labelle, Matthew Lumley, Andrew MacKelvie, Coral Maloney, Kim Morgan, I’thandi Munro, Gloire Paluku, Nancy Price, Analise Prodor, Julie Robert, Becky Siamon, Leah Skerry