From The Top

Commisioned and premiered by Mocean Dance (2022)

Choreography: Syreeta Hector
4 dancers | 22 minutes

New Brunswick born Syreeta Hector returns to her Atlantic roots to explore our personal and performative identities, and our connection to land and space in an ensemble piece. This highly physical quartet examines the roots that connect us to our family histories and considers what we inherit from our ancestors and the landscape of Eastern Canada. Delving into essential elements of human conversation, From the Top celebrates the potential of how unique identities can create a cohesive voice.

Fluid Forms, Mocean's 20th Anniversary Mainstage

Susanne Chui, Syreeta Hector, Sarah Hopkin, I'thandi Munro

Rehearsal and Dramaturgical Support
Sara Coffin

Composition and Sound Design
Germaine Liu and Mark Zurawinski, with additional music by Jordan Farmer/Tempo

Lighting Design
Leigh Ann Vardy


Studio Intern
Makayla Criss

Costume Design
Kate Mitchell

Teaser Video
J. Adam Brown

Fluid Forms Study Guide