A woman in the foreground with her arms stretched out in fourth position kneeling on the ground and a women in the background crouched in a small bed on riverbed of white fabric.
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Sacred Waterways and Woven Baskets - The Dance Current

posted July 21st, 2023

After a successful tour to the 35th annual Dancing on The Edge Festival, The Dance Current contributor Rachel Silver Maddock wrote a glowing review of Sara Coffin and Sarah Prosper's duet, Utawtiwow Kijinaq - Our Mother's Road. 

The work builds to a memorable ending, where the performers engage in an elaborate braiding (or weaving) routine of the swaths of white fabric under blue and orange lights... That final weaving of a waterfall leaves me reflecting on our interdependence with water. Whatever its spiritual, cultural or emotional significance, it is our source of life in an ecosystem that hangs in the balance.

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